First post: Michelle Herman’s Reluctant Blog

All right–this is an experiment. I might declare it a failure, very soon. But it has been brought to my attention that I should be blogging, and furthermore (despite my complete lack of interest in–nay, my distaste for–the idea of blogging) that my Facebook status updates are so long they might as well BE blogs. So I’m going to give this a shot. Maybe for just a day–who knows?

Here’s what has been suggested to me by wiser (or at least savvier) folks: that I take those super-long FB status updates and just continue FROM them. Well, I’m not sure I am smart enough to do that. But what I thought I’d try, starting today (and maybe ending today) was writing what I would have written on Facebook (in simpler times) here. And then posting a link on Facebook. This seems very complicated.

Here’s what I was going to post in today’s long “status update.”

Brutal day in some ways. Determined as I am to spend this summer doing nothing but “my own” work–which, in this case, means working on the novel I have been trying to write for quite some time, which I keep interrupting to write nonfiction (so-called personal essays)–schoolwork keeps creeping in. So here’s what I did today:

– Possibly solved the problem I identified yesterday in the first chapter of said novel. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll know for sure if I DID solve it, of just imagined I did.

– Hired a one-semester visiting assistant professor to replace a colleague on leave next spring. More on that tomorrow. Or never.

– Cleverly figured out a way to make use of the new screenwriting hire (for Film Studies–I was on the search committee) for MY students. Had many email exchanges with him (he’s fabulous; he’s so energetic, he makes me look lazy and slow-moving) and settled finally on a plan for next spring. My MFA students are so lucky. I want to take the course I’ve arranged for him to teach for them.

-Wrote a first draft of something I was asked to write to honor the person who acquired my first book, long ago, on the occasion of his retiring. Was dismayed to find that it was at least as much about me as of him. Planning to revise tomorrow so that it’s mostly about him.

– Exchanged numerous emails with students.

– Received word from my daughter that she’s coming home on memorial day, who knows for how long, but did a happy dance when receiving that notes. I miss her so badly that some days I cry.

-Seriously. (But if she’s reading this–no, not seriously. I NEVER CRY. I am very well-adjusted to your having gone off to college. After all, it’s been TWO YEARS. I’m not crazy.)

– DId a stupid amount of administrative work that I’m not supposed to have to DO right now. Did it anywa.

– Studied a bunch of pictures of myself. Picked the ones I liked best. Arranged for a second photo shoot (first one: straight hair; second one: normal hair. I like straight hair better. What can I tell you? I’m still fourteen at heart).

– Made up a flier (flyer?) for an event I’m doing in NYC on June 7.

– Had a brainstorm about a book prize we run.

– Went to the gym.

– Stopped walking fast on the treadmill after 14 minutes because I thought–wait, is that pain in my chest just, like, a stitch because I’m out of shape? Or am I having a heart attack?

– Did the weight machines instead. Because, I told myself, that’s less problematic if you’re having a heart attack. (Don’t ask. I just don’t know.)

– Pain having stopped, got back on the treadmill after the weight machines and completed the essential 45 minutes of walking fast. While listening to 80s hits. (No, I don’t know why..)

– Stretched, then left the gym, sweaty and in what looked like pajamas (but they were NOT) and went to Kinko’s (sorry: FedEx/Kinko’s) with flash drive to print out fliers (flyers).

– Came home (by now it was 7:30) starving (have I mentioned that I’m on a diet?) and made dinner, while listening to my husband play the bass. Very loudly. Had a philosophical conversation with him about loudness and bass playing. Not an argument.

– Sat down at the computer and thought, “Well, let’s try this blog thing” while drinking wine. Which explains a lot.

And I think that is all. For now. (I may be very sorry about this tomorrow.)