Let’s just move this over, at least for now…

It’s clear I can’t keep up. (It’s also clear that when I was attempting to blog, I was not paying attention to my previous blog posts–so that all my blog posts began with the word “so.” Which is embarrassing. And strange. It’s not only repetitive, it’s also as if I thought I was carrying on a conversation with you, whomever you may be–and just picking up each time where I’d left off.)

In any case, since I am now posting (read more…)

Bird, book, songs, & strange dreams

It’s clear by now (as if I were ever in doubt!) that writing a blog neither comes naturally or easily to me. As I’ve said before, if I have anything of substance to say, I write an essay. If I have something of absolutely no substance to say–but which I am nevertheless, perplexingly, determined to say (but at least I am wise enough to make it ephemeral)–I write a Facebook “status update.” (On the exceedingly rare occasions when the latter (read more…)

Fraudulent artifacts

So I’ve been thinking about this term for the last few days, ever since I heard it for the first time in a class taught by one of my students (which I was observing, as I do. Constantly. I have watched so many MFA students teach creative writing workshops over the years, I have totally made up for all the classes of this kind that I didn’t take when I was in college). Terry Wedin‘s a terrific writer (read more…)

A little of this and a little of that

So, I have totally not gotten the hang of this blogging thing. I am amazed and seriously impressed by writers who manage to keep up their own work (not to mention day jobs and family lives) and still put up blog posts (entries? What does one call each individual piece of blog writing? And why must the word for “blog” be “blog”? It’s one of the ugliest words I have ever encountered).

I find that I keep waiting not only (read more…)

…and finally the second one

So we can see that this will be a scattershot effort (“effort” is probably not the right word). And I can see that I will do this sort of writing (I am tempted to call it “blighting,” mostly because “blogging” is such a terrible gerund–I can’t bring myself to use it ever again–but also because I like crashed-together words) only under one sort of duress or another. Last time the “duress” (oh, my, I am going to be using an (read more…)

First post: Michelle Herman’s Reluctant Blog

All right–this is an experiment. I might declare it a failure, very soon. But it has been brought to my attention that I should be blogging, and furthermore (despite my complete lack of interest in–nay, my distaste for–the idea of blogging) that my Facebook status updates are so long they might as well BE blogs. So I’m going to give this a shot. Maybe for just a day–who knows?

Here’s what has been suggested to me by wiser (or at (read more…)