In Devotion an affair with a much older voice teacher leads a young girl into early marriage, leaving behind her Brooklyn family and friends for a new life shadowed by her husband’s Old World expectations. Decades later, with her child now pursuing an art career in New York, mother and son come to terms with the quiet intimacy they’ve both resented and cultivated. With shades of both Virginia Woolf and Saul Bellow, Devotion is a story of family, solitude, and self-expression, where old and new values ripple across generations.

“Michelle Herman’s beautifully written and wise novel probes the crucial
and enduring questions of how we choose our paths in life.  Her naive
heroine marries in haste and learns, at leisure, the many facets of love,
its disappointments as well as its unexpected rewards.”

-Lynne Sharon Schwartz, This Is Where We Came In, Disturbances in the Field


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