Meet my inspiration: Joshua Jay

October 27, 2021 at 7:00PM

Gramercy Books

The magician Joshua Jay has a new book out, How Magicians Think, and the two of us will be in conversation about it–and about our longtime relationship: he was my student as an undergraduate English major at Ohio State, amazing me and everyone else with his artful, astounding tricks (yes, he did do tricks in the classroom)…and planting an idea in me (did he do this using magic? I still don’t know) to write about a young magician. Which inevitably, eventually, led to the character of Jacob Leib, one of the protagonists in my own new book, Close-Up, due out in March. (Stay tuned for other events featuring Josh and me when that book is available in the spring.) Meanwhile, you can see Josh perform, listen in on our conversation, ask him anything you like, and pick up a copy of his delightful book.